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Advisory Committees for the Nations

Ofcom has established separate advisory committees for the Nations on the whole breadth of its communications responsibilities in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and for the English Regions. These Committees have been established under statute, specifically Section 20(1) of the Communications Act 2003.

Members of the advisory committee for each Nation are appointed through an open public process.

The Advisory Committees for the Nations are tasked to identify those aspects of Ofcom’s current work and of communications in general which are of particular importance for their nation, to work with the Ofcom Executive to inform themselves on these topics and to offer advice to Ofcom accordingly. The Committees are also asked to be prepared to respond to specific consultation requests from Ofcom on matters where a non-metropolitan perspective will be valuable even though there may not be specific national issues.

The Ofcom Executive maintains a significant operational presence in the Nations and Regions coordinating activities in broadcasting, telecoms, wireless and satellite radio spectrum services. There is an office for each Nation, headed by the relevant Director, (Nation). The Director, Nations are members of Ofcom’s Senior Management Group.

The National Advisory Committee’s have their own website, Advice to Ofcom. They also tweet as @advicetoofcom

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