The Team

England Team

The team in England is led by its Director, Graham Howell.

Graham Howell, Director England and Secretary to the Corporation

Graham Howell

Graham was appointed as Secretary to the Corporation in 2003. Prior to joining Ofcom Graham worked for HMV Group, where he was Company Secretary and General Counsel. A qualified solicitor, Graham has also held senior positions within the Saatchi and Saatchi group and London Weekend Television.

As Secretary to the Corporation Graham manages Ofcom's Secretariat Records Management and Compliance teams, responsible for ensuring compliance with best-practice in corporate governance and administrative law, and compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

In his capacity as Director, England, Graham's role is to ensure that the issues of concern in each English Region are properly represented within Ofcom; he also works with the team to regularly visit the English Regions and he has organised a number of Ofcom events around the country. Graham also manages the work of Ofcom's Advisory Committee for England.