Complaints Reports

Programme Complaints & Interventions Report

These reports are case summaries of complaints which appeared to raise issues of substance in relation to the interpretation of the ITC Programme Code. Summary statistics of non-substantive complaints can be found in the full reports which are obtainable from the ITC.

Showing Complaints & Interventions Report for TRAILER - ITALY v RUSSIA

Channel: Channel 4

Date & time: Tuesday 28 October: 9.00 pm and other times

Complaint from: 12 viewers (not upheld)


This trailer was for Channel 4's live coverage of the Russia v Italy World Cup play-off match.


12 viewers objected to scenes of an Italian soccer fan's face being pushed into a plate of pasta.


The trailer was clearly intended to be light-hearted and was possibly attempting to capitalise on the apparent love-hate relationship that currently exists between Italian and English soccer.


The joke plainly did not appeal to everyone and the ITC could understand that Italian viewers, in particular, might not have appreciated it. The ITC however concluded that the trailer was harmless and unlikely to cause significant offence.