Complaints Reports

Programme Complaints & Interventions Report

These reports are case summaries of complaints which appeared to raise issues of substance in relation to the interpretation of the ITC Programme Code. Summary statistics of non-substantive complaints can be found in the full reports which are obtainable from the ITC.

Showing Complaints & Interventions Report for NUTS AND BOLTS

Channel: HTV WALES

Date & time: Monday 4 October: 7.00pm

Complaint from: 9 viewers (upheld)


This was the first episode of a regional drama serial screened on HTV Wales only. The drama is set in the south Wales valleys.


Viewers complained that this episode was not suitable for screening before the watershed.


On viewing the programme, the ITC was concerned about the overall adult nature of this first episode. This included a menacing and threatening relationship between a male night-club owner and his young female barmaid, raucous behaviour and crude language during a hen and stag night, a drag queen urinating in the gents, and drug-taking.

HTV Wales explained that several cuts were made in the programme before transmission but on reflection, agreed that it was too strong for its 7pm pre-watershed slot. The intention was to make a soap which was relevant and suitable for family viewing and of popular appeal. HTV Wales believed that the series as a whole qualified for the early evening slot. (HTV Wales decided to screen a later episode of the series at 10pm because of the nature of the content.)

The ITC recognised that attempts had been made to cut the drama but nevertheless took the view that what remained was unsuitable for transmission pre-watershed at a time when a large number of children would be available to view.


The ITC advised HTV Wales that the episode was in breach of Section 1.2(i) of the Programme Code dealing with Family Viewing Policy.