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Investigation into possible effects resulting from dithered clock oscillators on EMC measurements and interference to radio transmission systems



This Final Report is Deliverable 4 under a contract awarded to the University of Hertfordshire by the Radiocommunications Agency, Ref. AY3377 (510001891).

This contract relates to investigations into 'Dithered Clock Oscillators' (DCO) which may be used in digital electronic equipment. Interim report No. 1 described two different types of EUT which were procured and tested with and without clock dithering enabled. The results were studied and used to propose a modified test procedure. Interim Report No. 2 described the results of testing to the modified test procedure. This report includes the contents of Interim Reports No. 1 and 2 together with an assessment of the interference potential of DCOs on various radio communication services.

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March 2000

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