8 January 2003


Radio Authority receives one declaration of intent to apply for Milton Keynes licence

The Radio Authority announced today (8 January) that, by yesterday’s deadline, only one declaration of intent to apply for the local radio licence for the Milton Keynes area, for a further period of eight years from 1 January 2005, had been submitted. This was from the existing licence-holder, Milton Keynes Broadcasting Co. Ltd., broadcasting as FM 103 Horizon.

According to the 'special application procedure' introduced in the Broadcasting Act 1996, the Authority is now inviting FM 103 Horizon to re-apply for the licence under an abbreviated 'fast-track' procedure. The company will have until the end of February to submit its application for the new licence period, which will be made on the basis of maintaining its existing programme format, as required under the Authority’s agreed procedure. The non-confidential part of its re-application document will be available to the public at the Authority’s offices. The Authority will then assess the re-application, to ensure that it meets the statutory requirements for a licence re-award.



  1. This licence has been 'pre-advertised' under the provisions of the 'special application procedure' introduced in the 1996 Broadcasting Act. Because Horizon was the only party to submit a declaration of intent, the licence will not be re-advertised competitively. The deposit of £20,000 paid to accompany the 'declaration of intent' will be refunded upon receipt of Horizon's licence application.
  2. The Radio Authority is responsible for licensing and regulating Independent Radio in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. It plans frequencies, awards licences, regulates programming and advertising, and plays an active role in the discussion and formulation of policies which affect the Independent Radio industry and its listeners.

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