22 October 2003


The Radio Authority is today (22 October) publishing its Quarterly Complaints Bulletin for July - September 2003. The Authority's Quarterly Bulletin details all complaints and adjudications for this quarter and is available online.

During the quarter, the Authority considered 98 complaints about programming and advertising on commercial radio throughout the UK. 43 concerned programming matters, of which 7 were upheld. Of those upheld, 6 concerned taste, decency and offence and 1 related to other matters.

The Authority also considered 55 advertising and sponsorship complaints, of which 11 were upheld. Of those upheld, 2 related to offensive advertisements, 8 concerned misleading advertisements, and 1 related to a harmful advertisement.



1. Details of all adjudications are set out in the Quarterly Bulletin, published today and available online at www.radioauthority.org.uk (Regulation).

2. The Authority will consider all comments or complaints about commercial radio on all aspects of programming, advertising and transmission. Complaints must be made in writing, giving precise dates and times of broadcasts. Complainants who telephone are sent a complaints form, also available on the Authority's website, to assist them in mailing their complaints. The Authority will investigate, asking the station for copies of relevant tapes.

3. Radio stations are required to maintain recordings of all output for a period of 42 days. When it feels a complaint is justified, the Authority will take action with the station concerned.

4. The Authority can request a broadcast apology or correction. It can also impose a penalty which can include a fine or the shortening, suspension or revocation of a licence.

5. The Radio Authority is responsible for licensing and regulating Independent Radio in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. It plans frequencies, awards licences, regulates programming and advertising, and plays an active role in the discussion and formulation of policies which affect the Independent Radio industry and its listeners.

6. At the end of this year, the Radio Authority will cease to exist, and its responsibilities for licensing and regulating Independent Radio will pass to Ofcom, the new converged regulator for the communications sector. See the Ofcom transitional website at www.ofcom.org.uk for more details.


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