Ofcom proposes plan of work for 2021/22

Published: 11 December 2020
Last updated: 17 August 2023

Ofcom has today published its proposed 2021/22 Plan of Work, outlining our priorities for the next financial year.

We’re publishing these proposals as the coronavirus continues to present challenges for people and businesses across the UK. Throughout the pandemic, high-quality, reliable communications services have been more important than ever to people’s lives.

We’re setting out our proposed strategic priorities to make sure Ofcom plays its part in addressing the challenges of today, and the future.

Our proposed priorities for the next financial year:

  • Investment in strong, secure networks. Supporting ongoing investment in faster broadband and better quality mobile networks. Includes working with industry to ensure the UK’s vital communications networks are safe, secure and resilient.
  • Getting everyone connected. Working to ensure people and businesses can access key communications services - including in the hardest to reach locations. Includes monitoring delivery of the universal broadband service and the Shared Rural Network. We will also work to make sure the universal postal service is sustainable for the future.
  • Fairness for customers. Continuing our work to ensure broadband, phone and TV customers – particularly those who are vulnerable – can shop around with confidence, switch easily and are treated fairly.
  • Supporting and developing UK broadcasting. Supporting the UK’s vibrant media sector, including public service broadcasting, and helping them to meet the changing needs of viewers and listeners. We will also continue to monitor and report on the BBC’s performance.
  • Preparing to regulate online harms. We will complete the introduction of the new regime regulating UK-established video-sharing platforms. The UK Government has also stated that it is minded to appoint Ofcom as the regulator for online harms and we are preparing for this potential new role.

We will also take steps to make sure we are well positioned to carry out our duties both now and in the future.

  • Strengthening Ofcom for the future. As our sectors and our duties are increasingly shaped by online services, we will evolve our skills, develop innovative working practices and build a diverse workforce that reflects the whole of the UK.
  • Developing new partnerships. We will develop new – and build on existing – domestic and international partnerships with regulators, academia, governments, industry and organisations across sectors we regulate.

We welcome responses to our proposed Plan of Work by 5pm on 5 February 2021. The final plan is set for publication in March 2021.

Hear more about our proposed plan of work at one of our virtual events

We are also running a series of virtual events to discuss our priorities for 2021/22.

Alongside the consultation process, these events are an opportunity for people to hear about and comment on our proposed work areas for the coming year. We will consider all views provided through either the formal consultation or these virtual events.

The events will consist of an introduction, a short presentation on the priorities we have set out for the next year, and a Q&A session with a panel of Ofcom representatives.

Due to current circumstances, these events will be held via Microsoft Teams in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A Microsoft Teams account is not required to attend.

The event in Wales will be held via Zoom in order to accommodate simultaneous translation. A Zoom account is not required to attend.

You will receive details of how to log in once you have registered.

Events are taking place for each of the UK’s nations:

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