Policy and Management Board (PMB)

Roles and responsibilities

PMB meets monthly (except August) and oversees the management of the organisation as well as Ofcom's regulatory duties. It is a single forum which looks at policy development and associated risk, resourcing and prioritisation issues. Issues of greatest significance will be escalated to the Ofcom Board.


Jonathan Oxley, Chair

Interim Chief Executive

Lindsey Fussell

Group Director, Consumer and External Relations

Polly Weitzman

General Counsel

Luisa Affuso

Chief Economist

Philip Marnick

Group Director, Spectrum Group

Alison Crosland

Group Director, Corporate Services

Kevin Bakhurst

Group Director, Content and Media Policy

Yih-Choung Teh

Group Director, Strategy and Research

David Clarkson

Interim Group Director, Competition Group

Curtis Juman

Finance Director

Kerri-Ann O'Neill

People and Transformation Director