Engineering careers

Technology is at the heart of the sectors we regulate, from the spectrum that we manage to new services that might change the way consumers communicate with each other.

Engineers and technology advisors work across Ofcom but are mainly based in our spectrum and technology groups.

Spectrum group

The engineering team within Ofcom’s spectrum group provides technical expertise to support spectrum management activities. This applies to current deployments within existing regulations, as well as future policy directions as technology and markets evolve. This work spans areas including:

  • performing technical analysis and modelling to assess the impact of different technologies
  • conducting test and measurement work on a wide range of wireless devices, such as mobile, radar, RFID, or satellite, to better understand RF (radio frequency) behaviour
  • representing UK spectrum interests at national and international level, to influence policy developments and decisions from a sound technical basis

Technology group

The technology group helps to ensure Ofcom is fully informed of the latest technological innovations in the telecoms and media sectors in the UK and internationally. It also monitors the latest developments in the UK so Ofcom has an up-to-date view of the coverage and capabilities of fixed and mobile networks. The group works closely with government and industry to ensure the companies we regulate follow best practice in maintaining the security and resilience of their networks and services.

Data is an increasingly important part of our work. We have recently set up a new data hub in to better understand how our sector is using data and to help colleagues make better use of the data that we collect.