Tony Ma

22 November 2016

I joined the Ofcom Graduate Scheme straight after my masters in economics and I am currently finishing my second rotation out of four. I spent my first rotation in the Competition group where my work has contributed towards fixed telecom market reviews. As a competition Economist, the work typically involves applying economic theory and principles towards defining the right markets, assessing market power and developing solutions or remedies that correct for market power.

I am currently on my second rotation in the Chief Economist team where economists usually work on projects that are more focused on research and on topics that may be relevant to the communications sector as a whole. At the moment I am involved in projects that are using econometrics to inform our understanding of a number of specific issues: one in relation to the pricing of services and one in relation to the factors which affect the availability of network infrastructure.   

The rotations within the Graduate Scheme have definitely allowed me to build up experience in a wide range of economics work and communications sectors. The variety of work has further provided me with opportunities to work with external stakeholders and numerous internal teams, ranging from Strategy to Consumer Research and Intelligence teams. There are also plenty of other opportunities that every colleague can take part in including teaching internal training sessions and writing internal newsletters.

Ofcom, as an organisation, is a very enriching place to work. I have particularly appreciated just how friendly everyone is and how everyone is willing to help even though they are not directly involved in your project. I am also grateful of the numerous training opportunities that are available to graduates and economists both internally and externally. These training courses can range from helping you to develop drafting skills to more advanced external courses that help you develop specialist software skills.