Investigations list

17 July 2017

If Ofcom considers that a broadcaster or service provider may have breached its codes, rules, licence condition or other regulatory requirements, it will start an investigation.

It is important to note that an investigation by Ofcom does not necessarily mean the broadcaster or service provider has done anything wrong. Not all investigations result in breaches of the codes, rules, licence conditions or other regulatory requirements being recorded.

Here are alphabetical lists of new investigations launched between 26 June and 9 July 2017.

More information about how Ofcom assesses complaints and conducts investigations about content standards on television and radio programmes.

1. A new BBC Royal Charter and Agreement was published in December 2016, which made Ofcom, not the BBC Trust, the independent regulator of the BBC. On 29 March 2017, Ofcom published new procedures for handling complaints and investigations about BBC programmes. At the same time, Ofcom also published new procedures for handling complaints and investigations about all other broadcasters and on demand service providers. The investigations in the tables on this page were all considered under Ofcom’s previous procedures which were in force at the time.

2. We published a new investigation for The Fried Chicken Shop in version 326 of the Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin. The complaint has been withdrawn and we are no longer investigating this programme.