Own initiative investigation into Ecotel Networks (Ireland) Ltd concerning compliance with General Condition 14.5 – Dispute resolution schemes

06 September 2017

Complainant: Own-initiative
Investigation against: Ecotel Networks Ltd (Ireland) (“Ecotel”)
Case opened: 16 June 2017
Case closed: 6 September 2017
Issue: Whether Ecotel has complied with its obligations under General Condition 14.5 (“GC14.5”) of the General Conditions of Entitlement to implement and comply with a Dispute Resolution Scheme.
Relevant instrument: GC14.5

Ofcom has now closed this investigation.

Following assessment of information gathered from Ecotel, we have decided not to take any further enforcement action at this stage in the investigation in connection with Ecotel’s compliance with GC14.5.

In reaching this decision, we have taken into account that Ecotel now holds membership of the Ombudsman Services’ Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme. In light of this and other information received, and consistent with our enforcement guidelines and administrative priorities, we consider it is appropriate to close this investigation.

We will continue to monitor Ecotel’s compliance with GC14.15 and will not hesitate to consider further enforcement action in future if we believe there are grounds to believe that it is failing to comply with any of its regulatory obligations.

Case reference: CW/01194/04/17