Investigation into EE’s early termination charges

29 January 2019


Investigation into EE Limited (‘EE’)
Case opened 03 May 2018
Case closed 16 November 2018

This investigation found that EE contravened General Conditions (‘GCs’) 9.2 and 9.3 by:

  • having contract terms which did not set out clearly the charges consumers would have to pay if they ended their mobile contract early (early termination charges or ‘ETCs’); and
  • by setting those charges too high for a large number of landline, broadband and mobile consumers

EE admitted its liability in relation to these contraventions and agreed to pay a discounted penalty of £6.3 (reduced by 30% from £9m on account of EE’s admissions and its agreement to enter into a settlement procedure).

Relevant legal provision(s)

GC 9.2 and GC 9.3 (now contained in GCs C1.2 and C1.3)

Case leader

Sarah Packwood (email:

Case reference CW/01217/03/18