Competition Investigation regarding parcel delivery and pick-up services

20 January 2021


Investigation into Parties in the parcel delivery and pick-up sector
Case opened 22 November 2019
Case closed 20 January 2021

This investigation considered whether there are agreements  between providers of parcel delivery and pick-up services which establish minimum prices and impose online sales restrictions and have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition in the UK and/or European Union.

Relevant legal provision(s)

Section 2 of the Competition Act 1998 (the ‘Act’) and Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (‘TFEU’).

Ofcom has decided to close this investigation into agreements between certain providers of parcel delivery and pick-up services.

Ofcom has finite resources, and we must weigh up the likely benefits of continuing an investigation against the resources that would be required, and the comparative benefits of using those resources in other ways. In this case, we have carefully considered the options available and have concluded that Ofcom’s resources would be better directed towards other matters.

In reaching our decision to close this investigation, we have not reached a conclusion on the merits of the case, nor have we made a finding on whether there has been a breach of competition law.

Case leader

Samuel Hinkley (email:

Case reference CW/01251/11/19