Broadcasting and on demand sanctions decisions

All financial penalties imposed by Ofcom are held in our account with Office of HM Paymaster General (OPG) for the benefit of the Exchequer. Funds are transferred to the Bank of England account at agreed times for direct use by the Exchequer. Neither OPG nor Ofcom benefit from or have use of any monies made available to Ofcom.

OPG provides banking transaction services through various banks with balances held securely at the Bank of England for a range of public bodies and all central Government Departments. These balances are made available at the end of each working day to the National Loans Fund to help minimise the overall cost of Government borrowing.

OPG has been part of HM Revenue and Customs since April 2006, when ownership was transferred from HM Treasury. In May 2008, OPG became part of the Government Banking Service, which is the new banking service provider to the public sector.

Recent sanctions decisions

Decision - Loveworld Limited
Published 15 January 2021

Decision - Worldview Media Network Limited
Published 22 December 2020

Decision – Ujima Radio
Published 11 December 2020

Decision – Islam Channel Limited
Published 3 November 2020

Decision – Panjab Radio Ltd
Published 21 September 2020

Decision on further sanction – Loveworld Limited
Published 22 June 2020

Decision on further sanction – ESTV Limited
Published 8 June 2020

Decision – Club TV Limited
Published 5 May 2020

Decision – Lord Production Inc Limited
Published 5 May 2020

Decision – Uckfield Community Radio Limited
Published 6 April 2020

Decision – Baltic Media Alliance Limited
Published 17 February 2020

Decision – Talksport Ltd
Published 17 February 2020

Decision – Big City Radio CIC
Published 17 February 2020

Decision – Greener Technology Limited
Published 15 October 2019

Decision – Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation (ANO) TV Novosti
Published 26 July 2019

Decision – Trace UK World Ltd
Published 10 July 2019

Decision – City News Network (SMC) Pvt Ltd
Published 15 April 2019

Older documents can be found at the National Archives.