Ofcom hosts a range of events including conferences, seminars and webinars, to share knowledge, expertise and awareness of our work.

By doing so, we aim to build strong, long-lasting and collaborative relationships with everyone who has an interest in Ofcom’s work.

Upcoming events

We have a number of events scheduled for autumn 2021. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Previous events

Ofcom and Digital Poverty Alliance research event on digital access and inclusion in the UK

30 June 2021

Ofcom and the Digital Poverty Alliance will be hosting a virtual research symposium to compare, aggregate and enhance data on digital access and inclusion in the UK. This event will bring together organisations and individuals who conduct research into, or work in the area of, digital access and inclusion in the UK. The objectives of the symposium were to collaborate, share research insights, and identify knowledge gaps and discuss how to bridge them.

The session will be interactive, and attendees will have the opportunity to share details of their existing and planned research or work in this space and were able to contribute to a discussion on gaps in research and data.

The Wireless Future: Global spectrum management challenges for the 2020s

6 July 2021

Radio spectrum connects our digital world. Used cleverly and efficiently, it can continue to transform the way we connect, live and work, as well as advancing our understanding of the natural world. But there is only a finite amount of spectrum available, and there are many challenges in how we manage and use spectrum at a national and international level, balancing different uses and needs.

These are challenges which many countries and the industry will face. Without collectively addressing these, we risk the effective development of the wireless world of the future, stifling innovation and delaying the benefits to society and economy.

There are no easy answers in the world of spectrum but there is a need for a global conversation, on how to make sure we will benefit from the wireless opportunities of the future.

This event was aimed at facilitating this conversation, and was targeted at individuals with an interest in spectrum management.

Unlocking the potential of Terahertz spectrum

14 July 2021

There is growing interest in using higher frequencies above 100 GHz, commonly referred to as ‘Terahertz’ spectrum, for all sorts of uses including new sensing and positioning applications, medical diagnosis, industrial processes, and potentially the new frontier for mobile and wireless broadband networks.

This event is aimed at starting a conversation about how spectrum regulators can help maximise the value of Terahertz bands and how best to share this limited resource between existing and new users. Given the scale of the investment and timescales required to develop the technologies and applications, a clear roadmap of how and when spectrum will be made available is vital to unlock its potential.

We were  joined by an international panel of experts from academia, industry, and regulation including: Javier Juárez, Commissioner, Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico; Agostinho Linhares, Spectrum Orbit, Anatel, Brazil; Professor Ted Rappaport, New York University; Dr Howard Benn, VP Communications Research, Samsung Electronics; andProfessor Brian Ellison, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Head of Millimetre-Wave Technology at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

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