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Sir Ian Cheshire appointed Chair of Channel 4

  • News article

04 April 2022

Ofcom today announced that Sir Ian Cheshire has been appointed as the next Chair of Channel 4.

Life Online: Ofcom launches online safety podcast

  • News article

01 April 2022

Ofcom has today launched Life Online, a new podcast diving into themes around online safety.

Ofcom imposes fine for incitement to violence broadcast on Link FM 96.7

  • News article

11 March 2022

Ofcom has today imposed a fine of £2,000 on community radio station Link FM 96.7, after we found it broke our broadcasting rules.

Broadband networks rush to meet UK’s need for speed

  • News article

09 September 2021

Around one in four UK homes can now get faster, full-fibre internet, as broadband companies have extended their networks at rapid pace during the pandemic, new Ofcom figures reveal.

Latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints revealed

  • News article

06 September 2021

Ofcom has today published the latest league tables on the complaints we receive about the UK’s major home phone, broadband, mobile and pay-TV firms.

Full stream ahead: Brits spend a third of 2020 watching TV and video

  • News article

05 August 2021

Adults in the UK sought solace in screens and streaming in 2020, spending a third of their time watching TV and online video, according to Ofcom’s annual study of the nation’s media habits.

Telecoms firms need to do more to help customers struggling to pay bills

  • News article

22 July 2021

Mobile phone and broadband firms must to do more to support people in financial difficulty, or they could face new interventions to better protect customers, Ofcom has warned.

A small-scale revolution for local radio

  • News article

19 July 2021

Thousands of listeners across the UK will be able to enjoy a richer and wider range of radio programming thanks to an innovative new technology called small-scale DAB.

Ofcom calls for stronger system of public service media fit for the digital age

  • News article

15 July 2021

Ofcom is today recommending a radical overhaul of laws to make sure public service media survives and thrives in the digital age.

New emergency video relay service for sign language users

  • News article

22 June 2021

From next year, British Sign Language users will be able to contact the emergency services using video relay, under new rules announced today by Ofcom.

Ofcom supports Scams Awareness Fortnight

  • News article

14 June 2021

Today marks the start of Scams Awareness Fortnight, a campaign aimed at helping people to avoid falling victim to scams.

More consistent customer service needed for vulnerable people

  • News article

14 June 2021

New Ofcom research finds that some vulnerable people have experienced inconsistent customer service when getting in touch with their phone, broadband or pay-TV provider.

Sachin Jogia to join Ofcom as Chief Technology Officer

  • News article

10 June 2021

Ofcom has appointed Sachin Jogia as its new Chief Technology Officer.

A nation’s online migration: Ofcom reveals a year lived online

  • News article

09 June 2021

UK adults spent more time online on desktop computers, smartphones or tablets in 2020 than those in comparable European countries, according to Ofcom’s annual study into the nation’s online habits.

We’ve updated our mobile and broadband checker

  • News article

26 May 2021

We’ve made changes to our mobile and broadband checker tool, making it more accessible and offering information on which companies offer services in your area.

Ofcom publishes update on accessibility of electronic programme guides

  • News article

20 May 2021

We have today published our annual report on the accessibility of electronic programme guides (EPGs).

‘Digital Passports’ launched to help tackle online harm for children in care

  • News article

20 May 2021

A ‘Digital Passport’ has today been launched to help children, young people and their carers make the most of technology and being online.

New proposals to help people boost indoor mobile signals

  • News article

19 May 2021

People who struggle to get a good mobile signal indoors will be able to buy a wider range of devices.

UK broadband speeds on the rise

  • News article

13 May 2021

Broadband speeds in UK homes have continued to improve, with both download and upload speeds on the rise, according to the latest Ofcom research

Ofcom to gain new online safety powers as Government bill published today

  • News article

12 May 2021

The Government will today publish its draft Online Safety Bill, granting Ofcom new responsibilities to protect people when they are online.