Ofcom re-accredits broadband.co.uk price comparison service

30 November 2017

Ofcom has re-accredited the broadband.co.uk price comparison service.

Ofcom accreditation is awarded to price comparison services that pass a rigorous independent audit, with re-accreditation only awarded to services which undergo regular repeat audits.

The audits confirm that information offered to consumers is accurate, comprehensive, up to date and easy to understand. Audits take place 12 months after the initial accreditation and every 18 months after that.

Originally accredited by Ofcom in 2010, broadband.co.uk provides information for consumers who want to compare the costs of broadband services.

Lindsey Fussell, director of Ofcom's consumer group, said: “Price comparison services play a crucial role. They help consumers to make informed choices by providing clear information on services and costs.

“Ofcom’s accreditation scheme means consumers can be confident that the information they are receiving from these price comparison services is thorough and accurate.”

Broadband.co.uk said: “We are delighted to gain re-accreditation from Ofcom once again.

“We believe strongly that all comparison services should be open, honest and transparent. Being part of the accreditation scheme demonstrates our commitment to this ideal. We look forward to working further with Ofcom over the coming year.”

Seven price comparison services are currently accredited by Ofcom. Find out more about them on our dedicated price comparison page.