Only competition can unlock Britain’s fibre future

07 December 2017

Ofcom Chief Executive Sharon White gave a speech last week, in which she highlighted the importance of competition in encouraging investment in the UK’s digital infrastructure.

Speaking at Virgin Media’s centre of excellence in Birmingham, Sharon said the UK is currently playing ‘catch-up’ and risks falling further behind without more investment.

As well as highlighting the work done by Virgin Media through its Project Lightning, alongside other recent encouraging signs in the industry, Sharon said effective competition will drive further investment and help to create a broadband network fit for the 21st century. She also called on BT to go further in providing full fibre connections.

Sharon also highlighted the success of Ofcom’s apprenticeship scheme, pointing out how it has helped to attract young people from a wide variety of background who might not otherwise have worked within Ofcom, and reiterated our commitment to the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s campaign to increase the number of women in engineering roles.

Read Sharon’s speech in full.