Latest customer service satisfaction levels revealed

12 December 2014

iStock_000008887891XSmallLevels of satisfaction with the customer service of landline, broadband, mobile and pay TV providers are today reported in new Ofcom research.

Over 6,000 consumers were interviewed as part of the research. Of those, 3,402 who had contacted their provider between July and September 2014 were asked to rate their customer service experience.

Various aspects of the providers’ customer service were scored including: the speed with which issues were dealt with; the standard of advice given; and the attitude and ability of the advisor.

Pay TV

Overall customer service satisfaction is highest in the pay-TV market where it has now reached 80% - an increase of 14 percentage points since Ofcom began monitoring customer service performance in 2009.

Satisfaction among customers with a pay-TV complaint has increased to 68% in 2014, up 19 percentage points since 2011.

Landline and broadband

Levels of overall satisfaction are lower for both landline and broadband than for pay TV, with two-thirds of customers (67% and 69% respectively) rating the customer service as satisfactory.

Customer satisfaction among those with a complaint has increased within both sectors, now at 52% for broadband (up 14 percentage points since 2011) and 53% for landline (up 9 percentage points since 2011).


Mobile customer service satisfaction - at 73% - remains broadly similar to previous years. However, satisfaction among those customers with a complaint has increased by 13 percentage points since 2011, to 59%.

The mobile sector also recorded a significantly lower customer contact rate of 19% in 2014 compared with 27% in 2013.

Ofcom monitors satisfaction with customer service as part of its wider statutory responsibilities. This feeds into a broader objective of ensuring that consumers have access to reliable, accurate and up-to-date information when choosing a service or provider.

This programme of work also includes publication of complaints data and research on broadband speeds.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom’s Consumer and Content Group Director, said: 'When a customer needs to contact their communications provider, it’s important that they find the process as quick and easy as possible.

'Our research gives consumers valuable information about the standards of customer service across different sectors. As well as being a useful point of reference for consumers who may be choosing a new service or provider, we hope this research will provide an industry benchmark and act as an incentive for providers to continue aiming for the highest standards of customer service.'