Latest telecoms and pay-TV complaints revealed

23 July 2019

Ofcom has today published the latest league tables on the complaints we’ve received about the UK’s major home phone, broadband, mobile and pay-TV firms.

The quarterly report reveals the number of complaints made to Ofcom between January and March about firms in the home broadband, landline telephone, pay-monthly mobile and pay-TV markets. All providers with a market share over 1.5% are included in these figures.

Broadband and landline

Plusnet was the most complained-about provider for both broadband and landline services, with 31 and 24 complaints per 100,000 customers respectively between January and March.

However, these figures were lower than in the previous quarter, reflecting the general trend in complaints for the broadband and landline markets.

Broadband complaints per 100,000 subscribers:  Plusnet 31 Vodafone 30 TalkTalk 24 BT 15 Industry average 13 Virgin Media 10  Post Office 8 Sky 5 EE 5

Landline complaints per 100,000 subscribers:  Plusnet 24 TalkTalk 19 Vodafone 15 Industry average 10 BT 9 Virgin Media 9 Post Office 8 Sky 5 EE 4


Vodafone and Virgin Mobile were jointly the most complained-about mobile providers, with six complaints per 100,000 customers.

The biggest reasons for complaints were problems with billing, pricing and issues related to changing providers. Ofcom’s new text-to-switch initiative is designed to make switching easier than ever and should help to reduce consumer frustration when changing providers.

Pay-monthly mobile complaints per 100,000 subscribers:  Vodafone 6 Virgin Mobile 6 BT Mobile 5 Industry average 3 Sky mobile 3 Three 3 O2 2 iD mobile 2 EE 2 Tesco Mobile 1

Pay TV

TalkTalk was the most complained-about pay TV provider, after its complaints per 100,000 subscribers doubled from seven in the previous quarter to 14 this quarter.

Pay TV complaints per 100,000 subscribers:  TalkTalk 14 BT 10 Virgin Media 7 Industry average 4 Sky 1

Complaints information helps people to think about quality of service when they are shopping around for a new provider and encourages firms to improve their performance.