New regulations to allow use of mobile phone repeaters

22 March 2018

Ofcom has today confirmed regulations that will allow people to use certain types of ‘mobile phone repeaters’, without the need for a licence.

Mobile phone repeaters amplify signals between a mobile phone and the mobile company’s base stations, offering improved mobile reception for the user.

In October last year, Ofcom decided two types of repeater should no longer needed a licence to be used legally.

The two categories are:

  • static mobile phone repeaters for indoor use; and
  • low gain mobile phone repeaters for use in vehicles.

Following consultation, Ofcom has now put together the regulations that will allow people to use these devices, provided they meet the required technical standards and conditions of use.

Repeaters available today are unlikely to meet these requirements, so their unlicensed installation and use will still be illegal.

The regulations come into force on 12 April 2018.