Ofcom named a top 50 employer for women

30 July 2020

The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Ofcom has been recognised as one of Business in the Community’s Times Top 50 Employers for Women for 2020.

The top 50 list is now in its tenth year, and is the longest running award for employers committed to achieving equality for women at work.

Each year companies with a presence in the UK can apply for the list, by detailing how they are working towards gender equality. Employers that make it onto the list are selected by gender equality experts at Business in the Community.

Employers are assessed based on transparency, the causes behind gender gaps, what they are doing to address these structural issues and the impact of their actions.

The evaluation also looks at the role played by senior leaders, actions to increase the representation of women in senior positions, intersectionality, supporting parents and carers, stopping bullying and harassment and what they are doing to promote gender equality outside their organisation.

Here, some of our female colleagues talk about their pride at Ofcom making the list, as well as some the steps we’ve taken to make Ofcom a great place for women to work.