Ofcom reaccredits broadband.co.uk price comparison service

03 September 2019

Ofcom has reaccredited broadband.co.uk, a price comparison service that offers information for people looking to compare costs of broadband services.

Our accreditation scheme means consumers can be sure the information they are receiving from price comparison services is accurate and up to date.

Services must pass a rigorous, independent audit to gain accreditation, and are reaccredited only if they undergo regular repeat audits. These audits take place 12 months after a service is first accredited, and every 18 months after that.

Broadband.co.uk first gained Ofcom accreditation in 2010.

Price comparison services like broadband.co.uk play an important role in helping people to choose a provider, by offering helpful information on services and costs. Ofcom's accreditation scheme means people can be confident that the information they've received is accurate, clear and up to date. Lindsey Fussell, Director of Ofcom's Consumer and External Relations Group
It's fantastic to yet again be re-accredited by Ofcom. The broadband market is complex and diverse, our aim is to make it simple for consumers to find and switch to the best deal for them. Being part of the accreditation scheme is key to demonstrating that we are impartial, open and honest with our recommendations. Edd Dawson, CEO of broadband.co.uk

For more information, visit our dedicated page on accredited price comparison services.