Ofcom re-accredits ctrlio price comparison service

07 March 2018

Ofcom has re-accredited the ctrlio price comparison service, which helps its users to find the best mobile and broadband packages for their needs.

Before receiving Ofcom accreditation, price comparison services must pass a thorough audit to ensure the information they are providing to consumers is comprehensive, accurate and easy to understand.

Audits take place 12 months after services are first accredited, and every 18 months after that. Ofcom first accredited ctrlio in 2016.

Lindsey Fussell, director of Ofcom's consumer group, said: “Price comparison services such as ctrlio help consumers by offering information on the services available to them and how much they cost. This helps consumers to make informed decisions, with the details they need at their fingertips.

“If a service is accredited by Ofcom, consumers can be confident that the information it provides is accurate and thorough.”

Dominic Strowbridge, ctrlio co-founder and chief product officer, said: “We are delighted that Ofcom has re-accredited ctrlio for mobile comparison services.

"Our latest annual Mobile and Broadband Consumer Report we identified that UK consumers are getting savvier at saving and have reduced their mobile overspend from £4.4bn to £3.7bn a year. Ofcom accreditation ensures we always show the best priced deals first, so we’re looking forward to helping customers achieve even greater savings in the year to come.”

Ofcom currently accredits eight price comparison services. For more information on the services we accredit, visit our dedicated price comparison page.