Sky Talk customer advice

11 January 2016

Ofcom is today providing guidance after some Sky customers complained about being moved to a new Sky Talk calls package.

In December 2015 Sky closed its existing Sky Talk packages and moved customers to one of four new Talk packs.

Customers were informed of the change in October and given 30 days if they wanted to switch to another package or cancel their Sky Talk service.

Some customers complained to Ofcom about the changes. Ofcom contacted Sky and it has now agreed to give any customer who is unhappy with the changes until 31 January 2016 to:

  • cancel their Sky Talk and Broadband service without any termination fee;
  • cancel their Sky Talk service without any termination fee, but, where possible, keep any other Sky services without losing any applicable discounts on the prices of those other services until the end of any offer period; or
  • downgrade their Sky Talk package and receive a refund (or account credit) of any relevant charges.

Customers who have concerns relating to the changes to Sky Talk should contact Sky. Contact details are here.