Ofcom and ComReg announce joint spectrum awards

14 December 2006

14 December 2006

Ofcom and the Commission for Communication Regulation in the Republic of Ireland (ComReg) today announced plans to hold two coordinated auctions of radio spectrum licences. This is the first coordinated spectrum auction between the two regulators.

The two licences, one to operate in each jurisdiction, will use the same spectrum band: 1785 MHz - 1805 MHz. This part of the spectrum is largely unused.

The block of 20MHz of spectrum will be released on a technology and service neutral basis. This will allow organisations to decide how best to use the spectrum subject to coordination with adjacent spectrum users. Ofcom and ComReg aim to hold the two separate, but coordinated, auctions in spring 2007.

Ofcom's research into the bands has identified a number of potential uses for the spectrum including:

  • wireless broadband access;
  • mobile broadcast, such as wireless cameras for outside broadcasts;
  • video or closed-circuit television links; and
  • extra capacity for the delivery of mobile services.

The licences will be auctioned through a sealed bid process.