Ofcom awards new local digital radio multiplex licence for Lincolnshire

19 February 2008

19 February 2008

Ofcom today announces the award of the new local Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio multiplex licence for Lincolnshire.

This is one of a number of new local radio multiplex licences planned to develop DAB coverage for services in those parts of the country not already served. This licensing process will lead to a significant expansion in digital radio services throughout the UK.

By the closing date of 23 January 2008, Ofcom received one application for the Lincolnshire licence. After giving careful consideration to the application submitted, the Ofcom Radio Licensing Committee has decided to award the licence to:

MuxCo Lincolnshire Limited
96a Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AA
Tel: 07917 413700

The shareholders of MuxCo Lincolnshire Limited are as follows:

Lincs FM Group Ltd 51%
MuxCo Ltd 49%

MuxCo Lincolnshire Limited is proposing to provide seven local digital sound programme services, in addition to BBC Radio Lincolnshire, as follows:

Format descriptionService nameProvider
Full ServiceLincs FM 102.2Lincs FM Group Ltd
Full Service Compass FMLincs FM Group Ltd
CountryLincs Country Lincs FM Group Ltd
Easy Listening Easy Radio Easy Radio Limited
Youth Shuffle MuxCo Lincolnshire Ltd
ReligiousUCB UK United Christian Broadcasters Ltd
Traffic and travel Traffic Radio Highways Agency

MuxCo Lincolnshire Limited also proposes to provide "a wide selection of speech and music podcasts provided by a range of companies."

Ofcom estimates that this licence could achieve coverage of an area with an adult (aged 15+) population of around 670,000.

The licence will be issued for a twelve year period. MuxCo Lincolnshire Limited is committed to launching all seven of its proposed services and BBC Radio Lincolnshire in July 2009.

Ofcom shortly will publish a statement setting out the key determining factors for the award of this licence.



1. DAB radio multiplexes carry a number of stereo and/or mono radio channels, as well as multimedia services such as text and data.

2. Today's licence is part of a wider licensing process which will lead to a significant expansion in local and national DAB radio services over the next three years. Further details can be found within Ofcom's 'Future licensing of DAB digital radio' Statement at: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/dab/statement/.