Ofcom awards seven new community radio licences in South Yorkshire and North West England

02 July 2014

Ofcom has today announced the award of seven new community radio licences in South Yorkshire and the north west of England.

Licences have been awarded to Radio Barnsley; Bury Community Radio; Heritage Community Radio in Manchester; Radio Warrington; Beyond Radio in Lancaster and Morecambe; Radio Victoria in Blackpool; and Ribble FM in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire.

Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis focusing on the delivery of specific social benefits to a particular geographical community or a community of interest.

Ofcom has awarded community radio licences to:

Radio Barnsley (Radio Barnsley Limited)
Contact name: Dave Richardson
Phone: 07879 690582
E-mail: richodr@blueyonder.co.uk

Radio Barnsley will serve the communities of Barnsley with emphasis on the target areas of Athersley, New Lodge and Lundwood. The service will broadcast on AM.

Bury Community Radio (Markaz-Al-Huda Limited)
Contact name: Anwarul Haq
Phone: 07912 622961
E-mail: anwar@project29.org.uk
Website: www.project29.org.uk

Bury Community Radio will serve the Muslim community in Bury and will broadcast on AM.

Heritage Community Radio (British Muslim Heritage Centre)
Contact name: Saima Alvi
Phone: 0161 881 8062
E-mail: saima.alvi@bmhc.org.uk

Heritage Community Radio proposes to serve the Muslim Community in Manchester. The service will broadcast on AM.

Radio Warrington (Radio Warrington Limited)
Contact name: Stephen Rakestraw
Phone: 01925 481023
E-mail: stevelewis@radiowarrington.co.uk

Radio Warrington will provide a radio service to the whole community of Warrington and will broadcast on AM.

Beyond Radio (Proper Community Media (Lancaster) Limited)
Contact name: Duncan Moore
Phone: 07855 696924
E-mail: duncan@propermedia.co.uk

Beyond Radio's target community will be those who live, work or study in Lancaster and Morecambe. The service will broadcast on FM.

Radio Victoria (Radio Victoria CIC)
Contact name: Sean McGinty
Phone: 07736 299272
E-mail: radiovictoriablackpool@gmail.com

Radio Victoria will serve people aged 16-24 and those aged 45 and over in Blackpool. The service will broadcast on FM.

Ribble FM (Ribble FM Limited)
Contact name: Roy Martin
Phone: 01200 340011
E-mail: roy.martin@ribblefm.com
Website: www.ribblefm.com

Ribble FM will serve individuals of all ages who work and live in the Ribble Valley area of Lancashire, with an emphasis on adults aged over 35. The service will broadcast on FM.

The licences are awarded for a five-year period.

A statement setting out the main determining factors for the awards of the community radio licences referred to above can be found on Ofcom's website.



1. In addition to the licence awards detailed above, Ofcom has decided not to award licences to the following seven applicant groups:

  • Trafford Sound (Trafford Community Media Limited), Trafford
  • Retro Radio (Skillsbase Limited), Saddleworth, Leeds, Mossley
  • FM Manchester Asia (Al-Essmah Limited), Manchester
  • Blackburn Youth Radio (Blackburn Youth Radio Limited), Blackburn
  • Monster Radio (Monster Radio Limited), Preston
  • Mighty FM (Mighty FM Limited), Southport
  • Radio Scarborough (Radio Scarborough Limited), Scarborough

2. Applications for community radio licences are being invited on a region-by-region basis. Further details can be found on the Ofcom website.