Ofcom awards Guildford, Reading and Salisbury local TV licences

19 June 2014

Ofcom has awarded licences to run local TV services in Guildford, Reading and Salisbury on digital terrestrial TV (DTT).

The licences are awarded to:


Channel name: That's Surrey
Website: www.thatstv.com


Channel name: That's Reading
Website: www.thatstv.com


Channel name: That's Salisbury
Website: www.thatstv.com

The awards follow legislation enabling Ofcom to issue local TV licences. The channels will be broadcast on DTT by the local multiplex, a discrete amount of spectrum reserved for local TV broadcasting on DTT.

Ofcom has now awarded 28 local TV licences, as well as the multiplex licence. The first local TV channel began broadcasting on DTT in Grimsby on 26 November 2013.

In June 2013, Ofcom started the second phase of local TV licensing by inviting applications to run local TV services in seven local areas. In September 2013 Ofcom invited applications for further 11 Local TV locations, including Guildford, Reading and Salisbury.

Ofcom estimates that the local TV licences could reach approximately 170,000 homes in Reading, 54,000 homes in Guildford, and 30,000 homes in Salisbury. The exact coverage at these locations will be confirmed with the local multiplex licensee.

Statements setting out the main reasons for the award of these three local TV licences for Guildford, Reading and Salisbury have been published on the Ofcom website.



1. Ofcom has provided technical assistance for local TV coverage planning and is overseeing the licensing of local TV services. This follows the Government’s policy statement in December 2011, and our public consultation that closed on 19 March 2012.

2. Digital UK, the organisation responsible for the management and allocation of channel numbers on DTT, has reserved channel numbers for new local TV channels. These will be carried at channel 8 (England and Northern Ireland) and channel 26 (Wales and Scotland).

3. Full contact details for the current applicants, along with details of their application are on the local TV broadcasters page.