Ofcom renews ITV, STV, UTV and Channel 5 licences

20 February 2014

Ofcom has today announced that it has renewed the broadcasting licences for Channel 3 (ITV, STV and UTV) and Channel 5 for 10 years from 1 January 2015, following acceptance of terms by the licensees.

This follows the decision by Maria Miller, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, in November 2012, which enabled the renewal of these public service broadcasting licences.

Earlier this month, Ofcom confirmed that it would renew the licences and set out the terms for renewal, which all the licensees have now accepted.

Ed Richards, Ofcom’s Chief Executive, said: “The renewal of the Channel 3 and 5 licences is an important step in securing a sustainable future for commercial public service broadcasting in the UK over the next decade.”

Channel 3 and 5 licence terms

ITV provides the Channel 3 service in England, Wales, the Border region, the Channel Islands and the national breakfast service; STV covers northern and central Scotland; and UTV serves viewers in Northern Ireland. The Channel 5 licence covers all of the UK.

Ofcom consulted on the programming obligations for the Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences, proposals to change the areas covered by two licences held by ITV, and the methodology for determining the financial terms for the licences in February 2013. Ofcom published statements in July 2013.

The licences, programming obligations and other information can be found on Ofcom’s website.