Ofcom awards the Ipswich commercial radio licence to Ipswich FM

12 June 2018

Ofcom has today announced that Ipswich FM (MuxCo Suffolk Radio Limited) has been awarded the re-advertised FM local commercial radio licence for Ipswich.

Ofcom received two applications for the licence, from Celador Radio Limited (‘Town 102’, the incumbent licensee) and MuxCo Suffolk Radio Limited (‘Ipswich FM’).

After giving careful consideration to the two applications submitted, Ofcom has awarded the licence to Ipswich FM.

Ipswich FM will provide “an Ipswich based, broad music service for a 35+ audience, with a strong commitment to Ipswich news and local information.”

Ofcom has also published a statement setting out the key determining factors for the award of this licence (PDF, 112.8 KB) which will be issued for a twelve-year period.