Carbon audit results

26 June 2010

Ofcom carried out an initial carbon audit in 2007 and subsequently committed to a challenging 25% reduction in carbon emissions by 2013. Over the past few years, Ofcom has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce emissions as part of its Footprint and Sustainability project.

Ofcom has conducted a number of subsequent audits to assess progress against this overall reduction target. An audit in 2009 confirmed a total footprint of 4,716 tonnes compared to a 5,525 tonne baseline, equating to a 15% reduction in emissions. A further audit in 2011 confirmed a total footprint of 4,367 tonnes, bringing the overall reduction to 21%.

Ofcom's latest audit in 2013 confirmed a total footprint of 3,878 tonnes. This represents a 1,647 tonne reduction compared to the baseline, equating to an overall reduction of 30% and exceeding our original reduction target. The full carbon audit can be found below. We will continue to monitor our internal KPIs in order to reduce our emissions further in subsequent years.

Note that the original carbon audit showed a baseline footprint of 6,402 tonnes, however this was retrospectively updated by the carbon auditors in 2009 to account for revised carbon methodology, changes in conversion factors to align with Defra updates and minor changes to base-year input data.

2013 Carbon Audit (PDF, 1.4 MB)