Switching - landline

30 September 2015

LandlineWhat is the process and whom should I contact?

This guide explains what you need to do if you want to switch your landline to a new provider.

There are two different types of process for switching a standard phone service - 'gaining provider-led' and 'cease and re-provide'.

Which process you follow largely depends on what provider you're switching to and from and the type of connection you have or are looking to change to. In particular, if you are switching to or from a cable provider such as Virgin Media, you will need to follow the 'cease and re-provide' process.

The length of time it will take will depend on the services you have.

You can keep your existing landline telephone number when you switch if you want to. This is known as number 'porting'. If you want to keep your number, let the provider you wish to switch to know.

The first thing you should do therefore is contact the provider you wish to switch to, and explain what you want to do. They should be able to give you details on which process you need to follow.

Below we set out the details for each of the processes.

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