Broadcasting Code Review: Commercial Communications in Radio Programming

  • Start: 28 June 2010
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 17 September 2010

Ofcom has introduced a new Broadcasting Code Section Ten (Radio) on commercial communications (i.e. paid-for references to products or services) in radio programming ("Section Ten (Radio)"). This Code Section is implemented with immediate effect.

Ofcom has revised the Broadcasting Code to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and provides consistency with wider public policy concerning product placement on television. The new Section Ten (Radio) also ensures appropriate consumer protection, through transparency of all broadcast commercial arrangements, and offers opportunities for the radio industry to generate new revenue.

The new rules permit the integration of commercial communications in programming, with the exception of spot advertisements which must be separated. The rules include prohibitions on commercial arrangements in relation to key areas of programming: news broadcasts, children's programming and the selection and rotation of music for broadcast.

NOTE: On 28 February 2011 a new Code Section Nine on Commercial References in Television Programming will be implemented. Until then, Section Nine (Television) on Sponsorship, and Section Ten (Television) on Commercial References and Other Matters, will apply to television and will sit alongside Section Ten (Radio) in the Broadcasting Code. For further information please see Ofcom's Statement on Commercial References in Television Programming.

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