Business Connectivity Market Review – Draft Statement and Annexes

22 March 2016

About this statement

Ofcom's Business Connectivity Market Review examines the provision of leased lines to businesses in the UK. Leased lines are high-quality, dedicated, point-to-point data transmission services used by businesses and providers of communications services. They are essential components not only of many business information and communication technology (ICT) services, but also of mobile and residential broadband services. Every three years, Ofcom conducts a review of competition in the provision of leased lines in the UK. Where we find that a provider has 'significant market power' (SMP) we impose regulations appropriate for protecting the interests of consumers in light of the competition concerns raised. This draft statement sets out our analysis of the relevant markets, identifying markets in which a provider has SMP. The document also sets out the remedies we are imposing to address the competition problems that would otherwise arise from such SMP, including controls on the prices that BT can charge for these services. This draft statement has been notified to the European Commission. We expect to publish the final statement in April 2016 taking into account any comments from the European Commission as appropriate.