Price controls for wholesale ISDN30 services

  • Start: 01 April 2011
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 10 June 2011

In this consultation we set out Ofcom's proposals to regulate Openreach's prices for wholesale ISDN30 services.

ISDN30 is a digital telephone line service that provides up to 30 lines over a common digital bearer circuit. These lines provide digital voice telephony, data services and a wide range of ancillary services. Retail ISDN30 exchange line services are used by businesses which need multiple lines (typically 8 lines or more) at a particular site.

Wholesale ISDN30 services are supplied by Openreach to other communications providers (OCPs) who use them to provide retail ISDN30 services to businesses. Openreach's charges for wholesale ISDN30 services are a significant cost input for OCPs competing to provide retail ISDN30 services. Simply put, the level of the wholesale price is likely to be reflected in the level of the retail price and therefore a high wholesale charge is likely to lead to a high retail price.

The intention behind our proposals is to ensure wholesale ISDN30 prices are set at an efficient level going forward, where charges are reflective of the underlying costs of provision. This would reduce retail ISDN30 prices and reduce the consumer harm caused by retail ISDN30 prices that are significantly above cost.

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