Mobile Coverage Enhancers and their use in licensed spectrum

  • Start: 07 May 2014
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 06 August 2014

In this document we set out a recommended way forward for enabling consumers and  businesses to benefit from the future use of mobile repeaters in improving  mobile coverage where it is needed.

We anticipate that the future use of these devices could play an important role, in particular in helping improve coverage inside buildings, vehicles, trains; and in more remote rural locations.

The recommended approach is based on industry stakeholders submitting to Ofcom devices whose use is not likely to involve undue interference to other mobile  users. This would open the way for Ofcom to identify repeaters of particular descriptions that could be used by consumers in the UK on a licence exempt  basis.

Ofcom is now actively working with mobile repeater manufacturers and UK network operators to determine a set of technical parameters that could potentially enable the introduction of regulations for user installed licence exempt mobile signal repeaters.

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