0300 eligibility guidance

27 July 2006

Bodies eligible to use ‘0300’ telephone numbers


Ofcom has designated the ‘0300’ range of telephone numbers in the National Telephone Numbering Plan for allocation to communications providers on the basis that those numbers are used by public sector bodies and not-for-profit bodies such as registered charities.

Ofcom will publish this document on its website, updating it as necessary, to provide guidance on how individual bodies will be considered as eligible to use ‘0300’ numbers.

Criteria for eligible bodies

Ofcom considers that the bodies eligible to use ‘0300’ numbers should meet at least one of two basic criteria:

  • they should appear on one of the lists of appropriate bodies, maintained by other organisations, that are indicated by Ofcom in this document; or
  • they should fulfil any of the other criteria indicated by Ofcom in this document that identify them as an appropriate body.

Lists of eligible bodies

Any body listed on the following lists will be eligible to use an ‘0300’ number. Ofcom considers it appropriate to include all bodies in these lists as eligible rather than specifically assessing the inclusion of particular bodies on the lists:

Countryside Council for Wales

Welsh Nursing and Midwifery Committee

National Library of Wales

Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee

Welsh Language Board

Welsh Therapies Advisory Committee

National Museums and Galleries of Wales

Welsh Medical Committee

Sports Council for Wales

Welsh Committee for Professional Development of Pharmacists

Arts Council of Wales

Welsh Industrial Development Advisory Board

Health Professions Wales

Social Services Inspectorate for Wales: Inspection Advisory Group.

Royal Commission for Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse

Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

Agricultural Wages Committee (x6)

Care Council for Wales

All Wales Medicines Strategy Group

Local Government Boundary Commission

Independent Appeal Panel for Farmers

Environment Agency Wales

Valuation Tribunals ( Wales) (x4)

Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committee (x6)

Registered Inspectors Appeals Tribunal ( Wales)

Hill Farming Advisory Sub-Committee for Wales

Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales

Welsh Scientific Advisory Committee

Agricultural Land Tribunal ( Wales)

Welsh Optometric Committee

Rent Assessment Panel for Wales

Welsh Dental Committee

Wales Centre for Health

Other criteria

The following are alternative bases of eligibility to use an ‘0300’ number:

  • Having a website address ending in ‘.gov.uk’. Including this criterion confirms the eligibility of many public bodies set up between updates of the relevant lists;
  • Having a website address ending in ‘.nhs.uk’. Including such bodies responds to concerns related to Ofcom about health services’ use of chargeable 08 numbers.
  • Having charitable status in Northern Ireland. There is currently no register of charities in Northern Ireland, but the Department for Social Development in the Northern Ireland Government gives guidance for charities. The guidance states that documentary proof of charitable status is provided by the official letter granting charitable status for tax purposes. (http://www.dsdni.gov.uk/index/publications/charities_advice.htm )

Further information

Ofcom will not comment on the appropriateness of including any specific body on one of the lists of eligible bodies.

Ofcom retains discretion to indicate other bodies as eligible, but it would not normally expect to do so on an individual basis, to avoid undue administrative work. Other numbers in the ’03’ number range are available for use by those bodies not covered by the general criteria for eligibility to use ‘0300’ numbers outlined in this document.

Communications providers wishing to enquire about the eligibility of a particular body for an 0300 number, or to suggest additional criteria for eligibility, should contact Ofcom’s numbering applications team at numbering.applications@ofcom.org.uk.