Spectrum management strategy - Ofcom’s strategic direction and priorities for managing spectrum over the next 10 years

30 April 2014

1. Radio spectrum is a major asset to the UK, providing a critical input to a wide range of services including mobile communications, television and radio broadcasting services, emergency services and aeronautical communications and many more. By enabling this array of applications, spectrum use delivers substantial benefits to citizens and consumers.

2. Two acts of Parliament(-1-) give Ofcom responsibility for managing UK spectrum. Because our decisions have significant long term impacts on spectrum use, it is important that we take a strategic approach to managing this valuable resource. It is also important that we help stakeholders plan their own spectrum use by providing guidance on the nature of the regulatory action we expect to take over the coming 5-10 years.

3. This summary of Ofcom’s Spectrum Management Strategy begins with the context within which this strategy has been developed. It then draws attention to those aspects of our spectrum management approach on which we expect to place greater emphasis, before identifying the six sector-focused priorities which we expect to be a particular focus for regulatory action over the coming 10 years. The strategy is summarised in Table 1. The development of this strategy reflects input provided by stakeholders’ responses to the consultation we published in October 2013. It also represents a significant contribution to the government’s overarching UK Spectrum Strategy.

Table 1 - Ofcom's Spectrum Management Strategy illustrated on a page

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