Review of retail and wholesale ISDN30 markets

  • Start: 04 May 2010
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 15 June 2010

This consultation document considers competition in the provision of retail and wholesale ISDN30 services, proposing the appropriate relevant markets, analysing those markets and, where appropriate, proposing the regulatory remedies which we consider are needed to address the competition issues we have identified. The proposals set out herein are intended to further the interests of consumers in relevant markets.

ISDN30 is a digital telephone line service that provides up to 30 lines over a common digital bearer circuit. These lines support a wide range of services including basic telephony with additional features to those available on analogue exchange lines. Retail ISDN30 exchange line services are used by businesses which need multiple access lines (typically 8 lines or more) at a particular site. Wholesale ISDN30 exchange line services are purchased by resellers to provide retail services.

The retail product is almost always used by businesses to provide exchange line connectivity to the on-site private branch exchange ('PBX').

Review of retail and wholesale ISDN30 markets (PDF, 754.8 KB)

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