Consultation: Proposed annual licence fees for 2100 MHz spectrum

  • Start: 14 July 2021
  • Status: Open
  • End: 22 September 2021

In this consultation, we set out our proposals for the level of annual licence fees for 2100 MHz spectrum, and on draft regulations to implement them.

In brief, we propose:

  • that, whilst the paired and unpaired spectrum will both be useable for the deployment of mobile services on a forward-looking basis, they have different technical characteristics which mean that they will not necessarily have the same market value;
  • to set an annual licence fee of £0.567m per MHz for paired 2100 MHz spectrum and £0.290m per MHz for unpaired 2100 MHz spectrum; and
  • that the annual licence fees would apply from 1st January 2022, with an option to pay across ten equal monthly instalments.

We aim to publish our decision and fee regulations by the end of 2021.

Update 25 August 2021 – deadline extension

Ofcom has received requests for an extension to its consultation on the proposed annual licence fees for 2100 MHz spectrum. We have decided, in light of these requests, to provide stakeholders with an additional two weeks to respond to this consultation. The deadline for responses to this consultation is now therefore 5pm 22 September 2021.

Responding to this consultation

Please submit responses using the consultation response form (ODT, 48.8 KB).

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