Statement: Recovering consumer advocacy costs

  • Start: 07 July 2021
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 18 August 2021

Statement published 13 October 2021

This short consultation follows on from our 2019 statements on the cost recovery mechanism for the work of the consumer advocacy bodies (“CABs”) on post.

Our January 2019 statement modified our regulatory rules imposed under Consumer Protection Condition 1 (“CPC1”), which sets out the cost recovery mechanism for CABs’ work. Our modification resulted in a wider range of postal operators becoming liable to contribute towards costs of the CABs. This was followed by a decision in July 2019 making some minor modifications to exclude revenues associated with international mail from that mechanism.

We have since been made aware of a divergence from our intended interpretation of CPC1 among some postal operators. That divergence concerns the way in which revenues associated with intermediary postal operators are treated under CPC1. We are now proposing to make minor amendments to CPC1 to bring about greater consistency in its interpretation, thereby resulting in improved certainty and transparency.

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Citizens Advice Scotland (PDF File, 106.3 KB) Organisation
DX Network Services Ltd (PDF File, 82.3 KB) Organisation
Mail Competition Forum (PDF File, 312.8 KB) Organisation
Royal Mail (PDF File, 157.5 KB) Organisation
The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland (PDF File, 123.0 KB) Organisation
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