Responses to the Call for Input and Consultation on next steps of the release of spectrum within the frequency ranges 143 MHz to 169 MHz

  • Start: 24 March 2014
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 26 May 2014

This document sets out Ofcom’s plans for the release and allocation of spectrum returned to civil use by the Emergency Services.

The statement sets out our decision for portions of the 5.875 MHz of Very High Frequency (VHF) spectrum in the 143 - 169 MHz band. We believe this spectrum will be of most interest to business radio users, such as utility and construction companies.

The spectrum will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis. However, it will also be released through a managed and gradual approach in order to maintain maximum flexibility for the band in the future, should new types of demand emerge.

As part of this process, Ofcom will also allocate and license spectrum to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to replace channels no longer available due to changes in international frequency arrangements.

This approach will not require the use of all available spectrum immediately, therefore some of this spectrum will be made available, on a temporary basis, for amateur radio at 146 - 147 MHz and we will continue to provide short term access to Programme Making and Special Events users.

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