Notification under Section 107(6) of the Communications Act 2003 Proposal torevoke a direction applying the Electronic Communications Code to NationalTranscommunications Limited and to give such a direction to NationalTranscommunications Limited

  • Start: 13 January 2005
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 14 February 2005

By virtue of paragraph 17 of Schedule 18 to the Communications Act 2003 National Transcommunications Limited is treated after 25th July 2003 as a person in whose case the Electronic Communications Code applies by virtue of a direction under section 106(3) of the Act.

In accordance with section 115 of the Communications Act 2003, Ofcom propose to revoke the Deemed Direction, and to make a further direction applying the Code to National Transcommunications Limited, by way of a further direction under section 106 of the Act. This follows an application for an extension of its code powers by National Transcommunications Limited to its terrestrial transmission network. Ofcom is proposing to treat such application as an application for revocation and re-granting of the Code in respect of National Transcommunications Limited.

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