Additional Spectrum for Transportable Earth Stations

  • Start: 13 September 2010
  • Status: Statement published
  • End: 11 October 2010

We have decided to go ahead with our proposals to make additional spectrum available for Transportable Earth Stations (TES) satellite uplinks in the following frequency bands:

  • "C band":
    • 5925 - 7075 MHz
  • "Ka band":
    • 27.5 - 27.8185 GHz
    • 28.4545 - 28.8265 GHz
    • 29.4625 - 30 GHz

This statement summarises the issues raised in response to our consultation on these proposals and our evaluation of those issues. We had a number of supportive responses although specific concerns were raised by others in respect of:

  • protection of fixed link receivers from TES transmitters in C band;
  • the potential impact of authorising TES use on future fixed link use of C band; and
  • the pricing of TES licences.

This statement explains why we do not think there is cause for material concern on the first two issues. On the pricing issue, we have decided to go ahead as proposed with fees equivalent to those in the Ku band (13.78 - 14.5 GHz) where TES use is currently licensed. This is because the practical alternative would be to hold back from releasing the C and Ka bands for TES use, something that we do not consider would be in anyone's interest.

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