Notification under Section 107(6) of the Communications Act 2003 - T-Liaison Communications Limited

  • Start: 12 May 2005
  • Status: Closed
  • End: 13 May 2005

By virtue of paragraph 17 of Schedule 18 to the Communications Act 2003, T-Liaison Communications Limited, which was acquired by T-Liaison Ltd (registered company number 04597104) (‘T-Liaison’), is treated after 25 July 2003 as a person in whose case the Electronic Communications Code applies by virtue of a direction (the ‘Deemed Direction’) under section 106(3) of the Act.

In accordance with section 115 the Act, Ofcom propose to revoke the Deemed Direction by way of a further direction (the ‘Draft Direction’) under section 106 of the Act, following an application for such revocation by T-Liaison Communications Limited.

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