Accessibility of communications services

Cyhoeddwyd: 8 Awst 2023

Communications services are important for all citizens and consumers, including disabled people.

Disabled people are active users of communications services and in some cases they have higher than average use of key services.

For example, Ofcom research has found that disabled people watch more television than average and research from RNIB suggests that radio is more important to blind and partially sighted people than to sighted people.

Disabled people may also be more reliant on certain communications services.

For example, they may find online shopping or banking more accessible than using the high street. They may also need to know that they can phone for help if in difficulty or in an emergency.

However, disabled people may need changes to the way in which a service is provided in order to be able to benefit from it and use it independently.

Ofcom has a duty under the Communications Act to have regard for the needs of disabled people when making and implementing regulatory decisions.

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