Applying for Special Event Station Notice of Variations Online

Cyhoeddwyd: 6 Mawrth 2024
Diweddarwyd diwethaf: 6 Mawrth 2024

Download a user guide (PDF, 504.1 KB)


Enter your email address and password then click Login.

Under the My Licences section click the “Apply for a new licence” button.


Select Amateur Radio then click next.


Select “NoV Special Event Station” from the drop down list then click next.

Only licensees who hold an Amateur Full or Amateur Club Radio licence can apply for a NoV Special Event Station.


From the drop down list select the licence the NoV will be associated to.


Enter the desired call sign suffix then click “Check Call Sign Availability”.

Example: If the desired call sign is “GB0ABC” you will need to enter “0ABC” in this box.
"GB" is the prefix of a special event call sign and will be automatically applied to your call sign.  Call signs that fall outside the normal format will need to be submitted in a separate request to Spectrum Licensing.


If the call sign is available, the following message will appear.


If the call sign is not available, the following message will appear.  You will need to choose a different call sign.


Complete all other mandatory fields then click next.

The NoV duration can be no longer than 28 days.
The NoV can be applied for no earlier than six months before the NoV start date.

You must accept the terms and conditions by selecting “I accept Terms & Conditions” from the drop down box, then click Finish.


The NoV document will be automatically emailed to you via the licensing system. Please allow a few minutes for this to happen.  If the email does not come through, check your junk and spam folders.

To view NoVs from the home page, go to “View my licences”


Hover over the relevant licence and click View.


NoVs will be displayed at the bottom of the screen in a table.  You can view the NoV document by clicking the iconicon.


Only active NoVs will be displayed.  Once they have expired you will no longer have visibility of them.

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